Hey there, Sovereign Radiant Creator!

I am Diyana.

A mystic, psychic rolfer, intuitive energy healer, transformational, spiritual and self-mastery mentor, guiding and assisting powerhouse visionaries, spiritual entrepreneurs, healers, thought leaders and creatives just like you, Heal the Wound of Inadequacy, Reclaim Supreme Confidence, Raise Your Vibration and Arise Authentically into Heart Centered Leadership to walk Your Dharmic Path in Wholeness as Steward of the Earth. 

I Help You Claim Sovereignty of Your Vitality, Unleash Your Voice,
Crystalize Your Vision, Embrace Total Heart-Centered Visibility and
Embody Your Vocation Fully (tm)

Here is WHY I Get YOU!

As a 13 Moon Mystery Priestess Initiate, Certified Theta Healer, Sonic Love Alchemist and Sound Healer, and a devotee to the sacred path of plant medicines, I have the deep inherent knowing of the “wounded healer archetype” and understand your spiritual medicine and core values.
My purpose is to empower removing the obstacles obstructing your deepest inner light, so that you can finally be who you came here to be and do what’s yours to do… Clear, Present, Confident and Aligned.
On the other hand, my background in high vibrational marketing, packaging digital courses, building sales and marketing funnels, managing virtual teams and co-creating six and seven figure businesses online since 2006, brings you an ally who can successfully identify, support and guide you through the most congruent and strategic roadmap and know-how to ground your crystalized vision from the ethereal to the material.