Work with Me

Where Purpose,
Prosperity and

My Transformational
"Reclaiming Sovereignty" Sessions are Designed to:


  • Clear dissonance and limiting beliefs, doubt, fears and constrictions on your self-mastery journey
  • Liberate you from living at the whim of your unconscious patterns, conditioning and imprinting
  • Hold space for your process of Refinement and Integration
  • Guide You to Become the Master of Your Own Energy Field
  • Access the Roadmap to your Unique Life Path and Unlock Your Dharma
  • Claim Sovereignty of Your Vitality

  • Find and Refine Your Voice  


  • Crystalize Your Vision
  • Define Your Coherent Message
  • Map Out Your Conscious Business Growth Strategy with proven systems and High Vibrational Marketing
  • Embrace Total Heart-Centered Visibility
  • Launch/Grow Your Online Business, Brand and Career as a Social Influencer
  • Embody  Your Vocation Fully
  • Make Your Vocation a Verb – it’s time to take action baby in the direction of materializing your vision into a thriving, prosperous vocation

There are several reasons
why you haven’t taken off with your movement yet! 


Self Doubt and Lack of Confidence

Know How


Lack of Commitment

Making the Decision and Following Through with Inspired Action

Are you ready to breakthrough the barriers that hold you back within a solid sacred clear and honest container designed to Empower you through Accountability, Energetic Shifts and Opening New Doors of Perceptions, Gently and sometimes less showing and asking you to face your shadow and blind sport. A container where we Unlock Your Highest Potential so You can Embody Your Vocation, Embrace and walk your Dharmic Path peacefully with Ease, Elegance and Grace.

All the while teaching and providing you the practical systems, that when put into place and implemented build the foundation necessary, and the high vibrational marketing strategies to grow your success.

If you choose to sign up for my Rapid Growth Business Coaching and Consulting Package 

We would create a solid step by step action plan to accomplish your goals.

And set up a solid foundation

We’ll work on your branding and your online assets like your website, your online program, your social media channels, 

We’ll work on your marketing and sales strategy and action plan so that

You can fill your local circle

And attract 10+ one on one coaching clients

And start filling up your online program

And so that you can feel confident in building your business because you know what you are doing, 

While remaining authentically yourself and attracting your ideal soulmate tribe and clients to you.

And I will hold you accountable to make it happen and take action and honor your deadlines and timelines 

When you say you will, so you can remain in integrity with yourself and walk your dharmic path in grace and ease.

Who is Reclaiming Sovereignty Mentorship for?

There are two groups of Evolved beings that gravitate and seek my Service:

1. You are a devotees of self-mastery on the healing, medicine and spiritual path who have years if not decades behind your back working on yourself as well as established a local and sometimes Global in person fellowship you serve, but you have not figured out how to, or not cared to until now, bring yourself online and become location independent while serving 2, 5, 10, 100 x more people and making that much more impact and bigger contribution in the process. You know your medicine is needed, but when you think about bringing it online and packaging your medicine into an online offering you sometime cringe in self-doubt about your value and overwhelm around the skills and tools that may require you to learn and adopt . Not to mention, the soul and heart shrinking, cringe worthy inauthentic and hyped up masculine driven old school paradigm marketing and sales examples of the current online market world landscape. Yeah, you definitely don’t want to participate in that model. 

You also know and have noticed that the landscape is changing and shifting and you know more of it is needed for the New Paradigm to fully ground from Vision to Reality on Earth. But it has been challenging  finding someone to help and guide you through the online marketing world landlines. Your dream has been to find someone who can not only understand where you are coming from on a spiritual and soul level but be able to offer High Vibrational Business and Marketing practical advice, strategy and plan to help you ground your vision in reality.