Grounded Spiritual High Vibration Business Approach

Diyana is a veteran entrepreneur and strategist in the online marketing space, responsible for managing the creation and launch of several marketing funnels producing multiple 6 figures, including one product launch that generated $1.1 million in less than 48 hours.

She took her first startup company in the online marketing training niche, together with her partners to a $6+ million company in less than two years, by the time she was 24.

After spending a decade in the business of running successful online marketing training companies  educating, training and coaching thousands of online entrepreneurs the craft of digital business and marketing, a deeper calling began knocking urgently at her heart’s hearth. 

It was a sense of exhaustion, defeat, deep knowing something was missing, and total burn out from spending a decade plus in extreme masculine polarity in a highly toxic masculine driven business world, that was the catalyst to the drastic and entirely unexpected mysterious initiation, guiding her back home to walk her Dharmic path and embody more deeply her true vocation. 

What she refers to as her sabbatical, became a journey of the “wounded healer” archetype fully embodied, delving deep into the spiritual healing arts, steering her diligently on the path of the healer, spiritual teacher and guide that had been her heart’s yearning to embody for many years. 

Some of her journey over the last 5 years includes, initiation into plant medicine work, sound healing and the priestess path, studying magic and the mystery, working with spiritual teachers, medicine men and women, shamans, elders and wisdom keepers, pilgrims to Central America and South East Asia and over 50 ayahuasca medicine prayer journeys, cacao ceremonies, kundalini yoga, theta healing, breath work shamanic retreats, rites of passage vision quest, ancestral work with the land and much more. 

Diyana has huge reverence and a deep connection with Gaia, our Mother Earth. 

After 5 full years walking the path of the Mystic she was ready to come out of the proverbial modern day cave into the World to serve her mission as an emissary of the Earth by empowering and supporting the Visionaries, Thought Leaders,  Change Makers, Spiritual Entrepreneurs and Way Showers to create the change and create the world that she wants to live in. 

Her passion is to empower and inspire Visionary Powerhouses and Spiritual Entrepreneurs fully step into their Heart-Centered Leadership. Her unique path and life experience in both her journey in the online business ecosystem and the inner spiritual healing path provide the perfect combination to be able to do so in a strategic, grounded and high vibrational way all at the same time.


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